Friday, January 8, 2010

(Semi)-Full Irish Breakfast

This morning I decided to make a full Irish Breakfast. When I looked up what all of this entailed, I knew that there was no way in hell I would able to make and eat everything it entailed. Traditionally, the most common ingredients are bacon rashers, sausages, fried eggs, white pudding, black pudding, toast, sauteed, sliced potato, and fried tomato. Baked beans and sauteed mushrooms are also sometimes included, as well as liver (although popularity has declined in recent years), and brown soda bread. A full Irish breakfast may be accompanied with a strong Irish Breakfast tea such as Barry's Tea, Lyons Tea, or Bewley's breakfast blend served with milk. Fried potato bread, farl, potato farl or toast is often served as an alternative to brown soda bread.

First of all, white and black pudding kind of freak me out, I am more of a Bill Cosby kind of pudding person. Second of all, I was already going to make eggs (which I am not overly fond of), so I didn't want to make tomatoes. Having sausages and bacon would have been over the top as well. Also, the only kind of ready-made bread product we had was bagels, so I skipped the bread portion. I ended up with bacon (rashers), Irish beans, eggs, & potatoes. I also made tea. Even this was a bit much for Fredric and myself, I am not quite sure how people manage to fit all that food in them first thing in the morning--we even have left-overs.

I got my information about traditional Irish breakfasts from two places:

I did make the bacon and potatoes the traditional way--the bacon was not at all crispy, and it was fried in Irish butter. I used the remainder of bacon fat and butter to fry the potatoes. It was a great and VERY filling breakfast.

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