Thursday, December 17, 2009

January's Food Genre is......


I gave Fredric a few options to choose from for Jan and he chose Irish, so I guess I should start cracking!!!

So far the menu looks like this:

-Shepard Pie
-Steak & Guinness Pie
-Carrot Soup
-Potato Soup
-Irish Stew

A few recipes I am considering but have not decided are:
-Corned Beef & Cabbage
-Oxtail Soup
-Boiled Bacon & Cabbage
-Bangers & Mash
-Irish Cheese Stuffed Chicken
-Irish Breakfast
-Soda Bread
-Strawberry Scones
-Irish Rarebit
-Irish Apple Pie

When I actually start making the recipes and decide which ones I am doing, I will post them and how successful they were!


  1. U list both Vichyssoise & potato soup. I thought Vichyssoise IS cold potato soup, isn't it?

  2. I should look that up! I didn't think so.....but if it is I need to refine my list!